Software setup and support

The software you choose should make your bookkeeping easier, not harder, and should work for you not create more work. That's why we have chosen 3 leading options and specialised in them.

XERO, QuickBooks or MYOB


Your bookkeeping needs are a tailored service. This means you pick and choose what services you need so we can grow with your business. 

Taxes and reporting

Taxes are a certainty but don't have to be painful. 

At Align Bookkeeping you are choosing to work with a registered BAS Agent so your tax obligations are submitted with confidence.

Consultation and Support

Feeling confident with your software and your reporting but every now and then it would be nice to get some help? We can offer support on a regular basis or as needed. The important thing is to feel supported while you work and not let a small problem develop into a big one.

Here are some questions we've been asked before:

  • How do I enter a refund to a customer and/or from a supplier?

  • My customer paid me too much, how do I enter that?

  • How do I create a batch payment?

  • How do I match my  bank balance in my software to my bank statement?

  • Some of my expenses are personal and some business, how do I split them?

Software Review

If you are feeling a little unsure that everything is working well within your software package, we can provide a full assessment of your file with a scope of works in case anything needs to be fixed. 

This can be a one-off service and there is no obligation for you to hand over all your bookkeeping.


  • Software health check

  • Full report to client

  • Scope of works if needed

Financial Health Check

Are you confused by accounting jargon? Perhaps you just need to know the difference between a Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss, or how to read them. We can show you how to read your own information so that you can use your reports to make informed decisions for your business.


  • Review of Balance Sheet items 

  • Review of Profit & Loss items

  • Why you made a profit but have no money in your bank account!